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Disney Didn’t give us a Black Princess

The other night I wanted to watch some mindless television. Some of my favorite movies are Disney cartoons, and when I’m in the right mood, watching one can be comforting and enjoyable; as I replay the familiar lines and chuckle at... Continue Reading →


African Diamonds

*photo credit: I have had the blessed fortune to come to know quite a few people who have relocated to the United States directly from the continent of Africa. Some came by choice after working very hard for the... Continue Reading →

Diversity Assignments in Academia

*(This article was originally published on, April 21, 2016 as: What is the Point of Diversity Assignments for Minorities?) I am a woman who identifies as a minority on multiple, intersecting levels, and who also happens to consider herself... Continue Reading →

Eyes on the Prize

Keep your Eyes on the Prize is a well known civil rights era documentary. Some in my generation grew up watching it in our newly created "African American History" classes in high school. My African American History teacher was a... Continue Reading →

Reverse Cultural Appropriation is not a Thing

Someone tried to sue Beyonce for stealing concepts from a European Artist's short film for Lemonade. Someone tried say Beyonce took Bob Fosse’s dance moves for the “Single Ladies” video too. They even tried to say Beyonce appropriated wearing "bangs," (Yes... Continue Reading →

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