*photo credit: Saudi Girls Revolution

**Post originally published on Black Girl Nerds 

I’ve spent the past year waist-deep in research about women’s rights in the Middle East. I’ve written a novel (currently querying agents), featuring an Iraqi girl because I feel a strong connection to the women in the region that is often characterized as violent, misogynistic and even backwards.

Through my research I’ve discovered a ton of Middle Eastern women who are doing bad-ass things and I want their voices to be heard too. This comic book is one such example.

Produced by a startup company that calls itself New Arab Media or NA3M for short, they have launched a new line of comic books featuring Middle Eastern female protagonists. I especially respect them because they appear to have women on their design team.  The comic book series is called Saudi Girls Revolution and the first issue features Latifa.

According to the introduction in the comic, “Latifah is a lone vigilante patrolling the war-torn wasteland and slaughtering invading mutant hordes.

She was orphaned during a mutant invasion. She has no family and no friends. She cares only about one thing: Revenge.”

It’s got all the makings of great comic- mutants, a post-apocalyptic version of Persia, Latifa’s sordid back story which serves as the fuel for her rage and drive.


Besides, who doesn’t want to see a girl in hijab slaying her enemies with a magical talking sword? I am always on the lookout for artists who are expressing their world views, their stories and their struggles in their own words. As a biracial woman, it’s important to me that marginalized groups get a voice of their own, and it bothers me when underrepresented people are not consulted before their stories are told (Read: when privileged white people produce media about oppressed minorities, yet those minorities get no credit, no compensation, and no input).

So far, Saudi Girls Revolution by New Arab Media looks legit. I encourage everyone to go check them out and support!