Lately I have been thrilled to see so much representation in the comic book world. We have Black Panther and Iron Heart, Riri Williams, to add to the growing cannon of comic book heroes of color.

Roxane Gay was called upon to write a story featuring Queer African women in the new World of Wakanda spin off of the new Black Panther comics, penned by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

I was super stoked when I came across this new online web-comic called Zana, published by  Emet Comics, an all female team of comic book writers and illustrators.

Zana features a biracial girl, an anomaly living in a futuristic South Africa where apartheid exists and is even worse than before. The heroine is equipped with all the makings of a super hero. She’s got a tragic backstory, enemies who want her dead, and mysterious powers inherited from her Black, South African mother. The story is engaging and most of the characters are black. Excellent!

I was only slightly disappointed when I read more about Emet Comics and discovered their staff was entirely white. I am a mixed girl (black and white), and I have mixed feelings. While I am super excited to see someone who represents me in the comic book world, I am slightly disappointed that someone who looks like me was not part of the team who created it.

We clearly need more representation and I am grateful for it, in whatever form it comes. I’ll be ten times happier when people of color finally have the means and the venues to create, produce and manufacture what matters to us.

Thanks Emet Comics for getting the ball rolling. I’ve ordered the first three issues and am excited to keep  it going!

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