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Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to bizniss. -Beyonce Proverb 4:16

I am so proud of my Mama Janet for going to the Middle East to find the richest, most extravagant member of the male species to sire her heir, then returning with her baby like, "I ain't sorry!"...

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Week 3: Winter Break

Making posters over winter break because these kids appreciate my artwork...

Week 1: Day 5

Reading classroom in need of books...

Week 1: Day 3

I don’t think they were ready for Ms. VanNess

Week 1: Day 1

The kids are "Title I," which is legislative code for predominantly black, poor enough to qualify for free school lunch, and severely behind academically.

Love Chemistry explained by the Alchemist

...her lips were poised between a laugh and silence...

Five things I’ve learned about parenting from an African Mom :

I am a bi-racial, American woman of color who is currently raising four Black children. I take my job seriously, because I am proud and honored to have been blessed with this awesome responsibility. Like many parents, I have had... Continue Reading →

9 Predictions for second half of HTGAWM Season 3

I've watched seasons 1-3.5 twice through now and I want to try my hand at predicting possible plot lines. It's a game for me. I'll check back at the end of the season to see if I was any good... Continue Reading →

Love for our Hijabi Sisters who Slay

*photo credit: Saudi Girls Revolution **Post originally published on Black Girl Nerds  I’ve spent the past year waist-deep in research about women’s rights in the Middle East. I’ve written a novel (currently querying agents), featuring an Iraqi girl because I... Continue Reading →

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